Why didn’t the Chinook helicopter come to Nepal ?

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  • Basanta Bhujel

When the catastrophic earthquake struck Nepal on April 29, 2072, it immediately attracted the attention of the world. Popular British rights activist Johanna Lumley was touched. She called for relief from all over the world, and in an instant, a lot of relief supplies were collected. The The United Kingdom sent two helicopters to the rescue. The rescue team of the Gurkha platoon also came with the helicopters carrying 40 tons of rescue materials from Kathmandu to reach the affected area within 10 minutes. But those helicopters could not come here from Delhi. The Nepali government did not allow India to come.

An Indian helicopter that could not carry even three or four tons was flown. Attempts were made to capture Nepal. Nepal’s only international airport is full of Indian excuses. In a way, that was the strategy of capture. Not only this, but Pokhara airport was also filled with Indian excuses. It cost billions to keep British Chinook helicopters in India. But relief and rescue work was not allowed in Nepal. How did this happen? That is all understandable. At that time, people felt that Nepal was like an undeclared colony of India.

On this occasion, after India’s strategy of eating Nepal, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army tried to enter Nepal by force from Khasa. Only then did India regain consciousness. US marins landed at Kathmandu airport without questioning Nepal and India. Then India’s consciousness flew further. After this, India withdrew on its own.

This is the latest example that India looks down on any crisis in Nepal. The Indian brokers who claim to be Nepali tend to make a fuss in Singha Durbar under the direction of ‘Ra’. To bring relief to the country, they are involved in corruption. Like vultures, they compete for foreign aid. Some scammed cancer, some scammed tents. He distributed sacks of rice to his cadres. There is no amount of cash. When the rest of the Nepalese in Australia came to seek relief, the government retaliated. Many of the houses destroyed by the quake were rebuilt by the rest of the house, but his name is not on the mark. Gurkha Welfare has been doing such things in Nepal for centuries, but the leaders do not even know the name of Gurkha Welfare. Leaders do not even know the name of Johanna Lumley, who has been sweating for Nepalese. Who helped how much? No audit. Who built the structures destroyed by the earthquake and how? The government does not have the record. How much is left to make? Why can’t it be? The government does not even know that. Only the huts made from the relief money raised by some of the characters in Qatar are highlighted on the national network. The photo of the school building built by British Gurkha Welfare is not shown, nor is the news.

A large drinking water project was completed in Bharse of Gulmi. Water was distributed. But who made it? The brokers in the government do not even know. Because such projects go directly to the doorsteps of the poor, there is no question that the orangutans will be able to suck honey. This is well known to the cadres of political parties. Because in such projects, the local level workers are not allowed to spend money by making fake bills of double the amount.  Since all the money will be invested in the work, it is not possible to demolish the slopes by terrorizing the dozers. Therefore, government brokers do not seem to see such projects.

A trust called Mountain Trust stands in the UK. Mr. Fuller will never be forgotten. He (RSME) was the director of the British Government’s Army College. Burmatum was in Chatha and Maidstein was his home. He had a good relationship with Nepali (Gorkhali). He used to vaccinate on Dashain and Tihar. His wife also used to get vaccinated. Shell used to bake bread. Through the Mountain Trust, he built good school buildings in every corner of Nepal. He lived in Nepal all his life and built a school building.

Kaduri Sir Ed Ward Kaduri also has a great contribution to the rural areas of Nepal. He has made significant contributions to the construction of suspension bridges and drinking water projects in rural Nepal, but the state has never recognized him. The British have a huge investment in this country. It is necessary to take stock of it.

What about Chin Hook Haley, who came for relief and reconstruction? British actress Johanna Lumley, who likes to call herself a Gurkha disciple, is also a Hollywood Oscar winner. The brokers in the government asked directly after seeing the sign that the relief money sent by him could not be put in their pockets, but how indifferent are the rulers of Nepal to corruption? The UK is not unaware of this. The British are very careful. Therefore, the British government, through its organization DFID, has been delivering huge amounts of aid directly to the people. If the British government wants, it can make Nepal richer than the UK. But India and Indian brokers are scared when it comes to British investment. Such conspiracies are being hatched saying that India will not benefit if British investment comes, Nepal will prosper. As long as it does not maintain its dominance over Nepal’s agriculture and water resources, India will continue to restrict Nepal’s development through its brokers in Singha Durbar.

It is doubtful that the country will develop and prosper unless the Nepali people displace the Indian brokers in Singha Durbar and Valuwatar. Past events have made this clear. Who is the broker who will not allow Nepal to be built, who is not? That is the thing. This misfortune of Nepal will not end as long as Baluwatar and Singha Durbar remain in the possession of those who take India’s salary and allowance from Lanchaur. Therefore, all the Nepali people should immediately remove the Indian brokers from Singha Durbar and restore the constitutional monarchy. Even for the establishment, it is necessary to have a state institution like in the UK.

Why was Chinook Haley of the UK sent back?

After the relief was provided by the UK and the reconstruction was done by the UK, these brokers were not allowed to loot. The mud in their mouths stopped. So sent back. At that time, if the British help had come, the brokers would have been identified. How does the UK develop? These brokers knew that. India is the main country that prevents the development of Nepal.

(Bhujel  is a retired engineer in the British Army)

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