We are ready to give blood as demanded by the country

| 2020 May 22 | 09:07 am 692

  • Basanta Bhujel

Enemies and friends cannot be identified under normal circumstances. It is known only in times of crisis. A friend is one who extends a helping hand in times of crisis. The enemy is the one who seizes the opportunity of crisis and rises for the fulfillment of his own selfish interests. Neighboring country India should not be treated as an enemy, but it does not look like a friend too.

In the year 2072, we were hit by a devastating earthquake, India provided great assistance for immediate relief and rescue. But it was revealed during the drafting of the constitution that the assistance was for petty interests. He tried to interfere in the constitution-making process. India directed to make some provisions in the article of the constitution to make the majority of its citizens in Nepal. Political parties flatly refused. In response, India imposed a blockade. India has supported Nepal in every struggle for people’s rights. But the blockade proved that the support was not for the benefit of the Nepali people but for its own expansionist petty interests.

When has the issue of Kalapani chilled Nepal-India relations? India inaugurated a road connecting China through Kalapani at a time when the two countries were fighting hand-to-hand against the Corona pandemic. As the pandemic entered South Asia, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi proposed to increase the SAARC’s activism. He also led a video conference of SAARC heads of government. India had long made SAARC a pendulum due to its border dispute with Pakistan. But with the emergence of the Corona crisis, India’s attempt to activate SAARC has led to a sharp rise in the international stature of Prime Minister Modi. But the Kalapani case revealed that Modi had taken this step for petty interests.The Kalapani area has long been controversial. The trilateral point (border) between Nepal-India and China remains to be established in this area. Nepal has been talking about this issue for the last three decades. But on the occasion of this great crisis, India inaugurated a road connecting China through this region. When Nepal offered to hold talks on the issue, India said it would hold talks after the end of the Corona crisis. In response, Nepal released a map of its territory covering the region. India has again started threatening blockade on this issue. And insults against Nepal have started in the Indian media.

Just as in the past we had to deal with the earthquake blockade and the Indian blockade, this time it seems that we have to face the Corona and the Indian blockade together. In terms of corona control, the expected assistance from India has not been received. On the contrary, it is seen that India has adopted the strategy of infecting the Nepali’s there with Corona and returning them back to Nepal.

How to fight?
Nepal is currently in a double attack. Corona pandemic on the one hand and Indian intervention on the other. A little preparation and willpower is not enough to fight these two crises at once. Today, Nepal needs the same strategy that was adopted by the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Sir Whiston Churchill during the Second World War. But our country’s pre-preparation is not seen at all. All areas are in big loss. Those at the policy-making level of the state do not have the foresight and will power. Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli focused on his party interests in uniting all. The people have felt that he is focused not only on party interests but also on personal interests. At this time, it is the responsibility of the Prime Minister to unite all the forces of the country, but he has failed in that responsibility. These two wars cannot be won if the self-confidence of the people is not increased, but the self-confidence of the people has fallen a lot at this time.

The government does not seem to be thinking of boosting the morale of the people. On the contrary, self-confidence has decreased. How to grow the self-confidence? Should the vegetables grown in the field be discarded? The general public is compelled to take the milk of cows and buffaloes raised by them to the streets. Our population is less than 30 million. Out of that, about 5 million youths have been detained in quarantines abroad. They are coached like a goat in a cage. All young people are at increased risk of the pandemic. When it comes to rescuing them, Prime Minister Oli has backed down. Those who have access to food and access here do not have to worry. They are doing free activities. They are showing off to their neighbors by drinking alcohol brought from abroad. What kind of lockdown is this? What kind of administration is this? Just like a saying that a new yogi rubs a lot of ashes, a person who has a cold and cough doesnot mean he is suffering from corona. Does Corona forgive those who were giving relief to the locals? If that is the case, then everyone should have been made to carry a pass and hung around their necks. Like the passes made by blowing a mantra. You can get to where the relief is tied across the passes. You can also reach the place where you are fed for free.

By the time the Corona pandemic reaches Nepal, as in the case of the United States and Europe, it will be too late. We have been regretting in spare time because of the mistakes made in a hurry.

The question of nationality
We are ready to answer if anyone underestimates the question of nationality. No matter how big whales are, they live in water and die when they jump to the ground. No matter how big the elephant is, it always eats grass. But even if the tiger is old or unable to hunt, it does not eat grass. How to hunt? He doesn’t have to be taught. The world knows, who the Veer Gorkhali is. Until now, the Gorkhalis have been showing bravery to the world. The brave Gorkhalis are ready to ask for blood again. If anyone looks down on the motherland, the Gorkhalis will not tolerate it. Nepal has not been colonized by anyone till now. Instead, Veer Gorkhali has helped liberate many countries, including neighboring India, from being colonized.

If one is addicted to state power, he can be made walk on the straight path. One can learn from North Korea today. North Korea is teaching the world the lesson of nationalism. North Korea is not big in terms of hope and population, but it is strong in terms of nationality. Should the army be kept in a barracks to digest only rice? Deployed to defend the country’s borders? The army’s job is to protect the border, not to sign contracts. When the army enters into a contract, he shifts away from responsibilities. If a tiger tastes human blood, it will fly away and our army has also forgotten its main responsibility by jumping on the contract lease.

All the people should be ready to take up arms if the state needs it. Indian spy planes are flying openly in our skies. Does Nepal not have anti-aircraft device? We can make this device ourselves. To defend the country, Veer Gorkhali can become a suicide missile himself. One Gorkhali has the ability to eliminate 100 enemies. Gorkhali has succeeded in bringing the recent conflict in Afghanistan to an end. Deepak Prasad Pun has received the highest war medal. Who has blocked Nepal Army for border defense? Why did the state raise the army? For salutations and slavery? Or to join the peacekeeping force and earn dollars? Not to save the country where people pay taxes?

Is there a flaw in the constitution that came after the sacrifice of many Nepalis? Is the constitution drafted by someone else perfect for us? Is the Panchayat thrown away by the sacrifice of thousands right? People have started saying. This is a dangerous sign. Our king is dearer to our country than soul. Our language is our best disguise. It seems that the day is coming.

The day has come to sing the song ‘Naulakhe Tara Udayo.’ Nepali’s living abroad like to sing Haridevi Koirala’s song ‘Ghar Farki Aanos Mero Hajur’ again. Peace could not come to the country where Buddha was born. A majority government does not bring development. Did Pashupatinath really stop defending? The road has been paved with foreign grants and it is not possible to walk there. Water has not come from Melamchi, which was started 22 years ago with foreign grant. Their fields are barren. We are forced to eat vegetables, grains and flowers grown by adding pesticides abroad. What kind of compulsion is this?

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