The relationship between Diwali and Tihar-Balihang

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  • Basanta Bhujel

King Balihang of Magarat is also associated with the Tihar festival. In the 14th century BC, there was a very powerful king named Balihang in the Magarat region. He had arranged for 4,000 resident soldiers for his security. His intelligence apparatus had access to Yamaraj’s palace. King Walihang was informed that Yamaraj would send envoys to take him on the day of Kartik Krishna Aunshi. He told this news to his astrologer. The astrologer suggested a way to collect the omens from every house of the people on the same day and bring them to the palace and to forget the messenger in the omens. According to the same plan, King Balihang sent his envoys to play deusi on the night of Aushi of Tihar. Yamadutas forgot the Sagun thus gathered. In remembrance of this, it is customary to play deusi at every festival. But the practice of playing deusi is gradually being encroached upon by Christians and Indians. Christians have raised the issue of non-Hindus (especially tribals) in the country saying that Tihar is only a Hindu festival.

Especially Tihar has five festivals. Which is also called Yamapanchak. There are five festivals in Yamapanchak including Kaag Tihar, Kukurtihar, Gaitihar, Gorutihar (Lakshmi Puja), and Bhaitihar. Lamps are lit all night on the day of Lakshmi Puja. That day is called Diwali because the lamp is lit. Neighboring India does not celebrate any other day except Diwali, so in India, the festival is called Diwali. But where we are Diwali is one of the five days of the festival during the worship of Lakshmi. But in our country, Diwali is not called Tihar. In this way, our original Chad Tihar will gradually be limited to Diwali like in India, won’t it? Concerns have been added.

Nepalese are very rich in festivals. Our festivals are original. For example, Dashain-Tihar has already taken place. Dashain-Tihar is not celebrated in other countries, it is celebrated only where there are Nepalis. For example, Hindus in India do not celebrate Dashain-Tihar, non-Hindus in Nepal also celebrate Dashain-Tihar. Therefore, Dashain Tihar is the original festival in Nepal. Similarly, Teej and Janapurni are also original festivals of Nepal. There are so many original festivals in the capital Kathmandu Valley. These festivals and cultures are our invaluable assets. These festivals should not be encroached upon from anywhere. If there are any practical difficulties in celebrating these festivals, they can be modified. But if we continue to forget our own festivals by following the whims of strangers, Nepali originality will end.

There have been some distortions during the celebration of Chad. For example, in Tihar, deusi-bhailo is stopped and crackers are fired. Patka is not Nepali culture. We have reached the stage of forgetting to vaccinate our brothers, dogs, cows, oxen, worshiping Lakshmi, but remembering to light a flickering lamp imported from China. It is our culture to light a candle on our date of birth, but we have forgotten the date of birth. We do not care about the birth anniversary of Lord Gautam Buddha, who was born in our own land, but we are eager to celebrate the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ with pomp and circumstance.

There is a Nepali proverb that says, “The nearest yogi is the vulture, the farthest yogi is perfect.” The Christian wine of the Christians is dear to our ruler, but the Kodo wine made in his own village, Tongba, is banned. This is the cultural colony. There is a tradition of offering alcohol in the temples of some of our deities. In some of our castes and communities, alcohol is essential for worship. But the production of liquor has been made illegal and the import of foreign liquor has been encouraged.

The main pillar of cultural preservation is the monarchy. As long as the monarchy existed, the efforts of the Christians to destroy Nepali culture were not successful. Therefore, at their instigation, the monarchy was removed. Now the culture is being attacked. At some point in history, Britain went through a similar situation, the monarchy was overthrown, but the monarchy was restored after a situation where culture could not be avoided. If we are to maintain our original culture, the monarchy must be restored as soon as possible.

Today’s Nepal is not made by itself. It is a country made up of King Prithvi Narayan Shah’s great foresight and sorrow. If he had not integrated, Nepal would be a part of India today. We Nepalese would be under Uttarakhand of India, some under Uttar Pradesh, some under Bihar, and some under West Bengal and Sikkim. The Nepali language would have disappeared. We would have started celebrating Dussehra instead of Bada Dashain, we would have forgotten Tihar and started celebrating only Diwali, we would have started celebrating Janai Purni. We would not have known the name of the bird Teej Parva. But because Prithvinarayan Shah unified Nepal, we Nepalis have our own country, our own language, and our own disguise, We have our own festivals and cultures. Removing a state institution that has made such a huge contribution is like throwing an ax at our own feet. It is a great betrayal of the motherland. This mistake must now be corrected.

Trying to weaken a strong Nepal. What are the consequences of the non-existence or weakening of state institutions? It is enough to look at Tibet, Sikkim, and Bhutan. It is enough to look at Kashmir. If we look at the history of the world, in order to swallow any country, the monarchy was initially weakened and then swallowed. The vicious cycle of making Nepal the same has begun. Therefore, your broker leaders do not have the right to sell the country. Quit power immediately. If you continue to show as much naked dance as you have shown, the people will take to the streets and agitate against you.

Gorkhali Nepalis are not so weak, this country is not for you brokers. Nepal is the common flower garden of all castes including Magar, Rai, Limbu, Gurung, Newar, Muslim, Madhesi, and Sherpa. It is not someone’s private property that can be sold and eaten. Deleting a paper map does not delete a country. The original map of Nepal has been preserved by the British Government. We can always raise the issue at the United Nations. The dream of those who have divided the country and eaten it will end in a few days. The true sons of this country are the Rautes. This is their soil. The Chepangs are the true sons of the land, but what is their condition? The government also set fire to a temporary hut. They are brutally beaten by the police from time to time. Beware, brokers, your status is not as good as Raute’s, You are Indian brokers. He is Bhumiputra. He has the right to the soil of this country, not you. The Rautes never asked for a citizenship certificate, did not ask for redistribution of land, did not say they needed it for themselves, living in the forest, ate groundnuts. Bhumiputras including Kushunda, Raute, and Chepang has become the subject of research for anthropology students of renowned universities in developed countries. Despite being a small country, students from all over the world are attracted to Nepal for anthropological research. Our Vedic Sanatan Dharma culture is also a subject of research for the world. Bhumiputras including Chepang has become the subject of research. Even though it is a small country, students from all over the world are attracted to Nepal for anthropological research. Our Vedic Sanatan Dharma culture is also a subject of research for the world. Bhumiputras including Chepang has become the subject of research. Despite being a small country, students from all over the world are attracted to Nepal for anthropological research. Our Vedic Sanatan Dharma culture is also a subject of research for the world.

Nepal is the only country in the world where there is a lot of geographical and botanical diversity in a few places. Nepal is rich in biodiversity in the world. Despite being a small country, Nepal has a lot of languages, culture, and natural resources. Nepal has endless natural resources. The Gopal dynasty, the Kirant dynasty, the Licchavi dynasty, the Malla dynasty, and the Shah dynasty ruled Nepal. Even under the multi-party system, the Nepali Congress, the CPN-UML, and the Maoists all ruled. The pre-unification Sen dynasty also ruled over a large area for a very long time. The Magars ruled, the Thakurs ruled. They survived because of the blessings of divine power. Many times bigger and more powerful than itself, India was swallowed up and even China was devastated by the British could not eat Nepal. Even the United Kingdom, a country that has never had a sunset, was forced to make an agreement with Nepal by giving it equal status. Gods and goddesses, Dhami-Jhankri, Rishi-Maharshi, Our Nepal is a country protected by ascetics. If someone takes a wrong look, that is the end. Foresters are still fighting to defend our country. If necessary, the Tettiskoti deities will show their power.

(Bhujel is a retired engineer in the British Army)

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