Secularism and a republic for the country

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  • Basanta Bhujel

It is said that an animal only wakes up when it falls into a pit, but people also wake up when they see others fall into a pit. This is the difference between humans and animals. But except BP Koirala and Krishna Prasad Bhattarai, Nepal’s leaders have not seen the Sikkim incident up close, or the Cambodia incident, or the Afghanistan and Iraq incidents.

Among Nepal’s political leaders, BP Koirala and Krishna Prasad Bhattarai is the most persecuted by the king. King Mahendra not only coached him for decades but also dismissed him from the post of Prime Minister and Speaker. However, BP and Bhattarai never got involved in the industry of ending state institutions. Throughout his life, BP kept explaining that there was no other option but a constitutional monarchy to save a small country surrounded by a big country like ours. Throughout BP’s lifetime, the Nepali Congress remained steadfast on that path. After that, Krishna Prasad Bhattarai also remained steadfast. India had tried to overthrow the king through the blockade of 2045-2046 BS, but due to the wise counsel of Krishna Prasad Bhattarai, India did not care. But gradually Bhattarai was being made powerless. During the presidency of Girija Prasad Koirala, the Congress deviated from its principles. When the Congress deviated from its principles, Bhattarai announced his resignation from the party.

No matter how many countries in the world, including Sikkim, have lost their sovereignty, or entered the civil war, the monarchy has been overthrown. Since then, sovereignty has collapsed, or the civil war has escalated into an arms market.

BP Koirala, a far-sighted politician, seems to have given a lot of explanations to the then King Mahendra, assuming that Nepal may sooner or later fall into this conspiracy. Despite having enough insights, Mahendra fell victim to that conspiracy. King Mahendra has contributed a lot to strengthen the nation, but the move to eat democracy was suicidal for the country itself. How many foreigners have infiltrated the palace? The first example is Dr. Tulsi  Giri. When he was the Prime Minister, the law came that the educational qualification certificates of Sanskrit Gurukuls of Nepal were not valid. A law has been passed that the state will not release the budget for the construction of new temples and monasteries. After all, Dr. Giri is an agent of Christians.

It may not be unnatural for the leaders who have suffered due to the monarchy to be in favor of the republic, but the former Punches including Lokendra Bahadur Chand and Dr. Prakash Chandra Lohani, who were made ministers and prime ministers by the court, voted for the republic in the parliament on June 3, 2008. Why now the answer to that question shows how big a conspiracy has taken place in Nepal. No need to elaborate further.

After doing the wrong thing, it starts burning inside. The soul begins to disintegrate within the body. He admits his mistake, his soul comes to the right place, he who does not admit his mistake sooner or later he goes mad. Lokendra Bahadur Chand, Dr. Former Panchs including Prakash Chandra Lohani had admitted their mistake within a few months of the establishment of the republic. Nepali Congress leader KV Gurung, who became the chairperson of the Constituent Assembly at that time, also admitted the mistake. Even Gopalman Shrestha, the former acting president of the Nepali Congress, who prides himself on being the signatory of the 12-point agreement, said in an interview with the BBC a week ago that federalism, republicanism, and secularism were wrong. Despite the delay, Nepali Congress leader Shrestha has admitted his past mistakes. This is the positive side. Other Congress leaders should also admit this big mistake.

This is not a conspiracy to destroy the only Hindu nation in the world like Nepal. There is a big international game here. Everyone’s mind is open. Our religion, our culture, our traditions are the oldest in the world. Ending Jethodharma means ending ourselves. Killing a king is like cutting off one’s head. The country should adopt all the steps of the then King Mahendra as a guiding principle, except for the steps taken on January 22, 2017. BP Koirala himself had commented that the concept of five development zones and 14 zones and 75 districts of King Mahendra was suitable for the country with few exceptions. More than 100 MPs do not work in Nepal. Parliament is not a place to eat salaries and allowances. Saying this, he had suggested to the king while drafting the constitution in the 2015 BS. Not to mention that the court had promulgated the constitution with 109 MPs.

It has not been quadrupled yet. If Nepal is to be saved, republic, federalism, and secularism must be abolished immediately. Only then will Nepal be strong and rich. There should be an immediate end to the perversion of exploiting the country by distributing money to cadres in the name of development.

Constitutionalists Bhimarjun Acharya and Chitra Bahadur KC had repeatedly said that there should be no federalism. If Chitra Bahadur had spoken about republic and federalism without greed and sin in mind, the people would have voted for him, but he supported republic and secularism.

A small country with a small population did not need federalism. There are less than 30 million people in the area of about 200 kilometers from north to south and about 800 kilometers from east to west. On top of that, many experts at the time said that the economic situation was weak. On the one hand, it was not necessary, on the other hand, it was said that the expenses could not be borne. It has been confirmed at this time. If the youth do not go for foreign employment, the country will not prosper. There is also a shortage of foreign currency to buy fuel and medicine. Nepal will be a failed nation if it does not move in time.

There are already signs that republic, federalism, and secularism have pushed the country towards anarchy. People are starving because of Corona’s terror. There is a long line of people eating rice on the road. It looks like a third world war. People are in lockdown. Production is zero. How is this country What kind of government did the Nepali people form in the past? Why can’t two-thirds of the government-run the country now? The answer is federalism, republicanism, and secularism.

There is dozer terror in the name of roads in villages. Hundreds of people are dying every day due to landslides. Are people dead, or are insects, grasshoppers, and animals dead? There is no accounting. Human rights are called for, but what about the right to live as a human being? Where is the democracy? For some people, it was even a hiccup, what did the poor face? Can’t eat even with your arms outstretched?

There were more deaths from hunger than from disease. True news does not come out. What kind of democracy? Is this the democracy and socialism that the Nepali people want? Is this what the people have struggled for? Of course not. Where are houses, clothes, and food for the citizens? Where is the train has a part of the declaration been implemented? Is it possible to deceive people like this? Nepali people may be straightforward but they are not stupid. In the 21st century, there is no such thing as a Stone Age regime. The government does not have to teach people to drink turmeric water.

(Bhujel  is a retired engineer in the British Army)

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