Property flight when Nepal’s policy is not right

| 2021 Feb 22 | 10:01 am 1645

Basanta Bhujel

The population of Nepal’s villages is declining. Nepalis have started enjoying the city market and abroad more than their hometowns. A recent decision by the British government alone has resulted in 54,000 Nepalis living in Hong Kong being granted British citizenship. This will be a huge loss to Nepal. The money will flee. Skilled manpower will flee. Learned skills will also escape. Nepal seems to be focusing on remittances instead of bringing money, opportunities, and skills to the country by giving dual citizenship to its citizens.

There is a lack of funds for tourism, agriculture, industry, hydropower, and other businesses in the country and there is a lack of skilled manpower. But the government has not been able to pay attention to this. The CPN (Maoist), which has been mandated to run a permanent government for five years with a two-thirds majority, is currently at war with the Mahabharata. Who can bring how many people to Kathmandu? The leaders of the CPN (Maoists) are engaged in the competition. This campaign is not going to get any fight.

The number of Nepalis doing business in India is significant. They do not want to do business in Nepal. Many Nepalis are doing business in both the Gulf countries. Nepalis have reached the Falkland Islands via Qatar, Malaysia, Bhutan, Burma, Fiji Island. The United States is the main destination of choice for Nepalis. There are small Nepali villages in UK, Australia, Canada, Spain, and Switzerland. For Nepalis living around the world, it is enough for the government to implement right-wing Nepali citizenship.

With the continuation of Nepali citizenship, they would at least invest in real estate in Nepal. The money they earned would come to Nepal. They would come to the country and use the knowledge and skills they knew. The locals would prosper if the value of the land was wasted. But who will give such advice to the government? Even if given, the ignorant minds of the leaders are not in a position to think. Leaders do not have time to think about the situation of the country as they spend their money on government land and government lands. When to return? Of course, if there is wisdom, there is no turning back. The country did not have to worry about the leaders who were playing Holi with the blood of the people.

Remittances from abroad alone do not make a country. The once prosperous country looks at the Philippines. Will the number of remittances coming to our country make it difficult to support the food rectangle? It looks like. The farms in the villages are barren, Nepal imports food items worth around Rs 200 billion. The rivers are wasted, but Nepal imports 1.5 trillion rupees worth of petroleum products and 50 billion rupees worth of electricity annually. The herbs are wasted, but the medicine is worth a trillion rupees a year. Even more ironic is that the share of remittances from Nepalis visiting Nepal is greater than the number of remittances from foreigners visiting Nepal. There are mountains of iron in iron, but about one trillion rupees a year is spent on iron rectangles.

Nepal’s development is not possible unless exports can be doubled compared to imports, but now it has an annual import of Rs 1.4 trillion and export of Rs 90 billion. How ridiculous irony? Why can’t our leaders learn from India and China? Listening to big speeches does not make the country prosperous. Missing train? No ships, no gas pipes in every house? Missing Melamchi water? Big talk We are among the most populous countries in the world, such as China and India. Our products are less likely to compete with their products.

So we have to promote our own basic industry business. For example, we can do tourism business, we can do a business of producing herbal medicine, we can develop handicrafts, sculptures, thankas, woodwork, fine arts, which are our originals, we do not have to compete with foreign products. But we are losing our originality. The shops in Thamel, the main tourist market of Kathmandu, seem to be full of foreign goods.

Ironically, even the money coming from tourists is going abroad. Our leaders enjoy Holi wine, not traditional home-made wine. Are our originals preserved? Our country has lost its way in recent days. Nepal’s plight has started since the game of ending the monarchy began at the behest of foreigners. With the monarchy and religion, the world is now on the verge of extinction. Leaders have become stakeholders in this world. Is it Limpiyadhura, Lipulek,

Kalapani returned? Is it fenced at the border?

Better a poor horse than no horse at all. Prepare a road map first and then start the journey. A journey without a road map does not reach the destination. The state cannot be held hostage like this. Consult with good experts. Do it What are other countries doing for their development and prosperity? Study If a person says that he knows everything about himself, it is only arrogance. Make a national consensus to unite for the solution of the problem, how long will it take to find a way out without much direction? Accidents are inevitable when traveling without direction.

Take care of the law while running the country. If you can’t run the country properly, hand it over to the army. As in Burma, the country is run by the army for some time. If not, return the king’s nose to the king. Hutihara leader like you has not been able to run the party, what is running the country? Now throw away the foreigner’s remote control battery. If you have your conscience, don’t work. Don’t dream of playing Holi with the blood of the people again.
If anyone is ready to fight the last battle for nation-building, the Nepali people are ready to make sacrifices. Nothing is going to happen from these foreign brokers anymore, be careful, be careful, be careful. The battle now is the battle for survival. Now is the time to save motherland Nepal by using all our strength.

If the leaders do not improve now, they will have to regret it. The situation will be like that of the former King Gyanendra. When he had the throne, he did not regain consciousness. Now he is conscious but he does not have the throne. Leaders can reach a similar situation. Then there will be no choice but to regret it. If it is the inner desire of the leaders to go to Nepal on the path of Burma, there is nothing to say.

The situation in North Korea is even worse. But North Korea is strong despite being poor. South Korea is both strong and rich. Choosing to become North Korea? South Korea? If you want to make another big leap, will you choose MCC of America? China’s BRI? China is strong, rich. America is strong as well as rich. The choice is yours There is fighting in both hands. Now let’s not get too confused. Time does not wait, it is too late. It is easy to wake up someone asleep, but it is not easy to wake up someone who pretends to be asleep.

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