Prime Minister Oli insulted Krishna Prasad Bhattarai, the father of Melamchi

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Basanta Bhujel

The water of the Melamchi River has fallen in the Kathmandu Valley on Saturday. For the time being, the water has flowed into the Bagmati River. Melamchi water will be reaching the houses of the people of the capital within the next two weeks after the 27 km-long tunnels are cleaned. Completion of the Melamchi Drinking Water Project is a great achievement for our country. Perhaps the most memorable work in Nepal since the restoration of the multi-party system in 2046 BS is the Melamchi Drinking Water Project.

Bringing drinking water by constructing a 27 km long tunnel from a great distance is not a normal thing for a poor and technology-less country like Nepal. The bright sides of the Melamchi Drinking Water Project are no less than the dark sides. First of all, the construction of the Melamchi Drinking Water Project, which started in 2056 BS to complete the construction within seven years, took 22 years to complete. Former Prime Minister Krishna Prasad Bhattarai is the dream of the Melamchi Drinking Water Project. He has started the Melamchi Drinking Water Project to quench the thirst of the people of the capital, but the people of Kathmandu have never given him the go-ahead.

Bhattarai contested the election in Kathmandu three times but did not get a chance to win all three times. Democracy is said to be the best form of governance, the capital Kathmandu is also said to be a place for educated and conscious people to live, but the people who have always lost elections to Krishna Prasad Bhattarai are also from Kathmandu because of the Melamchi drinking water project. While talking about Melamchi, how much did the people of Kathmandu insult and reject Krishna Prasad Bhattarai? I will mention that briefly.

The then Prime Minister Bhattarai, who became the candidate for the House of Representatives from Kathmandu-1 in the 2048 general election, said in a public meeting held in New Baneshwor, “The main problem of the capital Kathmandu is drinking water. I will feed you. ‘While Bhattarai was announcing to bring Melamchi water, the applause and laughter were equal. Those sitting on the stage also laughed a lot. Seeing the people sitting on the stage laughing, even the saint leader Bhattarai could not stop laughing. He also laughed for a while. The news came in the media the next day as a joke.

Nepali Congress President, incumbent and future Prime Minister Bhattarai could have been a candidate from any of the 205 constituencies at that time. Demanding him to become a candidate, he had received delegations from many constituencies, but he chose Kathmandu Constituency No. 1. Some big leaders became candidates from two constituencies but they only became candidates from Kathmandu Constituency No.1. Bhattarai took the risk, believing that he would not be deceived as he was the most vigilant voter in the country. But Bhattarai was heartbroken to see even the people on the stage laughing when he announced to bring Melamchi water to the Baneshwor rally. Despite being called vigilant voters, they considered Bhattarai’s Melamchi dream to be a windfall. No one took it seriously. Even those who have read and understood the technology have raised the question – “It is not possible to bring water by constructing a 27 km long tunnel.”

Without saying, Bhattarai lost the election. After that, Girija Prasad Koirala, Manmohan Adhikari, Sher Bahadur Deuba, Lokendra Bahadur Chand, Surya Bahadur Thapa and again Girija Prasad Koirala became the Prime Minister. Melamchi’s words were not even uttered. In the 2006 general election, Bhattarai again became the candidate for the post of Prime Minister in Kathmandu-1. He reiterated that at an election rally in Baneshwor. This time, seeing people not laughing, Bhattarai said, “Melamchi water will come not only to drink but also to wash the streets when I am the prime minister. I will go ahead and wash the streets myself. If communists appear around me, I will splash tears in his eyes.” Missed. As soon as he became the Prime Minister for the second time, Bhattarai started the work of the Melamchi Drinking Water Project. Despite many adversities, after 21 years, the Melamchi dream of saint leader Bhattarai is about to come true.

If the voters of Kathmandu-1 had not taken the announcement made by Bhattarai during the 048 BS election as a joke, Melamchi water would have come to Kathmandu 10 years ago. In particular, the Baneshwor and Koteshwar areas of the Kathmandu Metropolitan City are considered to be the strongholds of the Nepali Congress. Even though only the Congress cadres were honest, Bhattarai was not in a position to lose the election. In every election, there are few houses in the Baneshwor Koteshwor area of Kathmandu that do not have the Congress flag hoisted. However, with a few exceptions, the results have always been in opposition to Congress.

Krishna Prasad Bhattarai got the most betrayal from those for whom he sacrificed his life. He dedicated his entire life to the Nepali Congress. But the Congress lost the election due to intrigue. He went to Birgunj to contest the election only after the death of the newly elected Prime Minister Navani. In Birgunj, Bhattarai also spoke about the Melamchi Drinking Water Project. Melamchi was not of much concern to the people of Birgunj, but the people of Birgunj did not show the same ingratitude as the people of Kathmandu. Won the election.

Incumbent Prime Minister KP Oli was talking about bringing Chinese trains, gas pipes to homes, and ships within a month in the capital Kathmandu, which many believed. Melamchi was the reason to believe.

If Melamchi, which is said to be impossible, is possible, how can trains, gas pipes, and ships not be possible? People voted for Oli and his party. Oli was elected prime minister with a two-thirds majority. During this tenure of more than three years, the plan of train, gas pipe to house, and water ship has not been conceived. The pace of construction of the Melamchi Drinking Water Project, which was 98 percent completed during Oli’s tenure as Prime Minister, has been extremely slow during the three-year period. In these three years, Melamchi has suffered a lot. The project almost went awry. But the communists could not complete the project due to huge public pressure.

Inaugurating the ceremony of discharging Melamchi water into the Bagmati River at Sundarijal on Saturday, Prime Minister Oli said, “When the project started, my hair was all black, not a single white one, but now.” Everything is white, not a single black. ‘Oli’s statement is true. Oli’s hair has turned white after 22 years of sunshine. Oli’s age was very hidden, but if his wisdom was hidden according to his age, the country and the people would not have suffered so much. Prime Minister Oli delivered a speech for exactly 33 minutes at the ceremony of releasing Melamchi water to Kathmandu. But he did not even mention Krishna Prasad Bhattarai’s name.

Prime Minister Oli claimed that the Melamchi project was started by him and completed due to his own reasons. How bad is the mind of those who do politics? Oli became a vivid example of that. Oli presented himself as an example that God created even such bad people. In fact, a statue of Krishna Pusad Bhattarai had to be placed in Sundarijal, the place where Melamchi falls. The project should have been named Krishna Prasad Bhattarai Drinking Water Project. What is the contribution of Pushpalal to the construction of the Mid-Hill Highway? But the communists named it Pushpalal Lok Marg. What is the contribution of Madan Bhandari in East-West Bhitri Madhes Marg? But the communists named the road Madan Bhandari Marg. But the founder of the Melamchi Drinking Water Project is Krishna Prasad Bhattarai. This project should be named after him. But Prime Minister Oli did not even mention his name for 33 minutes.

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